Friday, February 17, 2012

Beary Blue

BDG button down top, Delia's Morgan jeans, Banana Republic cardigan, Crown Vintage loafers, Banana Republic coat (bear hat from a college event)
Hair: down, air dried two days ago
I love wearing this shirt with jeans; it's like denim on denim with less risk. Cardigan and coat to ensure that I stayed nice and warm, although I think the coat was overkill in the afternoon. Does anyone have a solution to the sleeve bunching in cardigan problem? These sleeves aren't long enough to hold flat, but they're not short enough to not be a problem, either. I couldn't figure out a fix, so I just ignored it today. Bleh. Threw in a picture of me in a bear hat for the fun of it; there was a school event and they gave them out! It is super cozy and yes, I'm still wearing it right now.


Glitter and Pearls said...

Love that cardigan + the bear hat is too funny!
♡ Lexi
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Amanda said...

Love this outfit! Simple but so cute! You are absolutely adorable!